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5C Laundry

5C Laundry has the mission of taking the stress out of laundry and dry cleaning on campus. We will continue to work to improve our products and enhance logistics in order to make life as convenient as possible for everyone living at the Claremont Colleges. 5C Laundry picks up laundry from students across the colleges, takes it for cleaning at The Dirty Hamper, and returns it to campus within 48 hours. You can expect professional cleaning at a lower price than you would find at any local competitor thanks to economies of scale.

Our Team


5C Laundry was founded and operated by Claremont Graduate Alumni Jon Haghayeghi. Jon earned his Ph.D. in Economics at Claremont Graduate University in 2017. He launched 5C Laundry service in 2013 during his first year of coursework after observing that on-campus services were expensive, inconveniently located, lacked delivery options, and didn’t use local professional cleaners.

In the fall semester of 2019, Jon partnered with current owner Kenny Simons. Jon had moved out of state to start his career and wanted to leave the business to someone that was passionate in making sure 5C Laundry would continue to grow and that the students would be in good hands. Due to Covid-19, laundry services were suspended due to the college campuses shutting down. We look forward to meeting you and serving all of your laundry needs. 

Kenny currently owns (3) laundromats in the Upland and Ontario area. He founded The Dirty Hamper in 2016 and has processed over 250,000 lbs of laundry in the past 5 years. Kenny's philosophy is, "We will always do what is right for our customers." Without our customers and their feedback, we would not continue to grow as fast as we are. Our customer service and attention to detail are our number one focus when dealing with our customers. 

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